An Example of a Simple Home VoIP System

The home telephone was once the most important piece of technology in the home. It was the fastest and most used way to connect people together. As cell phones and email have become more ubiquitous, the home phone has lost in popularity. Voice Over Internet Protocol is a new technology that brings the home phone up to date and is a cost-effective way for people to use a home phone.

The only necessary requirement for VoIP is a high speed internet line. The voice data is carried over these lines, and a slower speed or dial-up connection can not guarantee the same call quality.This/tag helps explain it more. There are a number of varieties, but they all consist of a unit which plugs into the USB port of a computer or into a home gateway or router.

The VoIP unit will have a standard phone jack, and this is where the existing phone will be plugged in. After a simple setup process, the home phone is ready to use. Some models are made to be used with existing phones, and others can work with a cell phone so no extra equipment has to be purchased. When in range of the device, the cell phone will use the internet connection to make and receive calls instead of plan minutes.

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